New York 2001. - YusukeHishida



New York 2001.

On November 11th,2001, two months after the terrorist attacks, American Airlines flight 587 from NY bound for the DominicanRepublic crashed in a New York suburb right after taking off. Everybody thought it was another terrorist attack. One day after the crash, I was in New York where chaos and sadness swirled around the city.
Rockaway is a beautiful residential area by the sea. Just as we got there, engine parts from the crashed airplane were in the progress of being removed. A burned engine lying under the peaceful autumn sun. That juxtaposition in the scenery symbolized the reality of the 21st century.
The waving Star-Spangled Banners and the catchphrase ‘United We Stand’ were everywhere. People’s eyes were staring at the Ground Zero. The smell of abnormality has crept into people’s daily lives. Sadness has been turned into anger.
The war against terrorism has broken out in Afghanistan. On November 13, 2001, the liberation of Kabul made a headline in New York.