border/korea - YusukeHishida



How far can a line on a map change the people’s live?
‘border/korea’ is a project in which all possibilities contributing to the change are considered by juxtaposing two pictures that were photographed in the heart of Pyongyang, North Korea, and Seoul, South Korea in all situations: students in school uniforms, soldiers guarding at the military demarcation line, people riding on the bus/subway or putting up umbrellas in the rain, etc. The two cities are separated by around 190 kilometers distance and people are leading their own lives, respectively. The choices that have been made for the past 65 years have made the one race into the totally different ones although they share similar names and faces. A new-born baby could become a North Korean or a South Korean depending on at which city they are born. In this project, I would pose a question what a country/society means and how we should live on as human beings.